CBL is committed to become the leading 3 pl company and south China's most comprehensive rapid LCL service company.

CBL team have different types of logistics project management experience for many years, involved in the consumer, chemical, food, household appliances, clothing, cars, direct selling, electricity and other different, both can plan the high quality supply chain system, and can design precise operational details process.

We are committed to in guangdong to build a fast delivery of the goods physical distribution service network, at the same time the basic weaving a virtual information service network, based on the Internet and in the two network driven development Jin Rongliu, information flow, personalized 3 pl services such as; Promote use of bar code, data, E, in road visualization, sign the bill image innovation technology such as query, so as to make comprehensive regionalization modern integrated logistics services company. For guangdong province to move goods, domestic, and to move goods arrived in guangdong area in the world to provide fast, high-quality, comprehensive (normal distribution, KA, home delivery, delivery, installation, recycling, for collection, etc.) of logistics services.

CBL business has been all over southern China today. We provide logistics support for many well-known brands, to ensure that the operation process according to the operation of the highest quality requirements, and meet all kinds of safety standards and moral standards.

Rich experience in the industry and the whole heart, we in the 3 pl and distribution services in the province is your market will be an important part of the core competitiveness.